Why Give Digitally?

Why give digitally?

People have been saying this for years: we live in a digital age. So much of our information is managed online through emails, webpages, and social media. These days many of us are paying our bills online these days, increasing tenfold in the last decade. It’s time for our church to embrace digital giving.  Here are some reasons why:

  • Most of us don’t carry cash anymore, and it seems like the only people using checks these days are the ones in front of me in the express checkout line at the grocery store! Because of the proliferation of credit and debit cards, a large percentage of people who attend church services don’t have cash or checks with them.
  • Recurring online gifts create consistency.
  • You can give 24/7, not just during church services. More opportunities to contribute to the mission and vision of our church. Give when your are sick or out of town.
  • We depend on weekly contributions to keep the church running.
  • Digital giving helps you become disciplined givers.  In 1 Corinthians 8-9, Paul challenged the Corinthian believers to give intentionally, deliberately, and at a pre-determined time.  Digital giving helps you be intentional with your generosity.

How does it work?

Though our online giving partner, Planning Center Giving, you create a safe, secure account that you can manage!

  • You control HOW you give and WHEN you give. You can give a recurring gift (i.e. on payday) or a one time gift.
  • You can give via an using a check (via ACH transactions), with your debit card, or with a credit card.
  • You can change your gift, profile, bank information, or cancel any time.
  • Your identity and information are safe.
  • Vortex has no access to your bank account or other sensitive information.
  • Your giving is recorded for tax purposes.  Once every quarter you’ll receive a statement from Vortex showing your giving throughout the year.

Try digital giving for 90 days and see what God does in your life!