At Vortex, we believe fervent, heart-felt prayer is key to leading people to Christ and essential to what we do at as a Church. We believe we will not see lives changed or experienced supernatural growth without the ministry of prayer.

We would love for you to join us in this effort. When people pray, lives are changed!

Our Strategy

Our strategy for prayer is found in Nehemiah 4:10. Nehemiah decided to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem, and his first task was to “Tour the Wall” to see the areas that needed work. However, the people rebuilding the wall could not work effectively because they had to stop work to defend from invaders. The solution Nehemiah devised is what we call the Nehemiah “1:1 Ratio.” Every worker had a personal protector. When this plan was implemented, the wall was repaired in 52 days!

The concept for the Church of the Highlands Prayer Team Ministry is this same “1:1 Ratio.” There are thousands of Dream Team members who are working to help others. To achieve the “1:1 Ratio,” literally thousands of Prayer Team members are required to protect them. We also continually “Tour the Wall” to see which areas require attention.

How to Join the Prayer Team

  1. Complete the Growth Track.
  2. Complete the leadership application and Honor Code.
  3. Attend 401 training and interview with a ministry leader.

Prayer Ministry opportunities

We would love for you to be involved in praying with us! If you are interested, please complete the following form:

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