Trustees – Annual Follow Up


First off, thank you for taking on the awesome responsibility of being a Trustee at Vortex Church. As a team, you are collectively arranged to help our church be protected as we look at the cost and debt associated with facilities and business infrastructure.  You’re all uniquely gifted for this role, and all of you bring a lot to the table.

As a part of any role we have, it’s wise to regularly check up on our hearts and our commitment to serve. Psalm 139:23-24 invites God to “search and know our hearts.” In that regard, it’s wise to continually ask questions that reflect our commitments and our relationship with God in regard to those commitments.

After you complete this, you’ll receive a follow-up call from Pastor Kevin to discuss your answers. We love you deeply and are very thankful for your service!

Trustee Follow-Up Form

  • Personal Information

  • My Commitments As A Trustee

  • Leadership at Vortex

  • My Future Desires As A Trustee


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